3-Way Manual Valve


3-Way Manual Valve. Useful as a low cost manual fuel tank switching valve on tractors, generators, etc. where fuel valve switching for inlet from either of diesel or SVO, and return fuel diversion to a "looped return" or "return to tank" is desired with maximum reliability and low cost.

Valve must be mounted where access to it is convenient and fuel lines connected to it will not pose a hazard.

Also used in Single Tank conversions (e.g. old Mercedes in warm climate) to "open" the "looped return" temporarily. This is useful for eliminating air from the system after a filter change, for diagnosing problems, or any other time it is desirable to open a path to the fuel tank as opposed to having a looped return (another example is when running diesel fuel, and not wanting diesel to become too hot to provide adequate lubricity and to have adequate viscosity, as might occur in a looped return arrangement)
Does not include hose connection fittings.


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